A stylish bicycle that can be taken apart, fits neatly into a round backpack. Made up of 21 parts that “simply twist and lock together,” this minimalist, lightweight bicycle a coveted Red Dot 2014 Design Award, and is meant to be an improvement of the often complex folding bikes. Watch a video of it here:

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I know

Mt Tasman, New Zealand by Kah Kit Yoong

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Shark Week by Bo Bridges


This morning I was grateful to receive this wonderful exchange from djmase 

  • A Bradley Mountain Utility Roll
  • A pack of bold scented tobacco named “Scotts English Blend”
  • Two rolls of Fuji Superia iso400/800 expired film
  • Breath mints

djmase is a silent administrator of the Tobacco Exchange and has been invaluable in helping me get the exchange moving forward with ideas and proofing of the page.

I am grateful of the community that is coming together here and I hope that with having 214 followers, we will see more exchanges happening over the coming months.  

If you wish to be a part of the exchange, please contact one of our members from the list on the main page and they will help you get started.  Exchanges between members is great to help build a stronger community but we also need exchanges with our followers, too.  

Without you, the site can not grow and progress.

Thank you, djmase, for a wonderful exchange package.

Ian Norris (administrator)

(also pictured is a captkellymfg stonypathsstrongshoes hand crafted leather pipe tool).


Hammock Views ➾ Luke Gram


Hammock Views ➾ Luke Gram

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“Holding on to anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die”